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好彩客网址大全ain好彩客网址大全eady 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark

好彩客网址大全ain好彩客网址大全eady is working with the communities of 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark to better understand the impact of heavy rain on the communities in order to reduce or eliminate flooding.

好彩客网址大全nce named 好彩客网址大全ierce 好彩客网址大全ark, 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark gained a reputation for its 好彩客网址大全ud 好彩客网址大全ake where residents could fish.  好彩客网址大全he first homes built in 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark were built on stilts to avoid the frequently flooded marshlands. 好彩客网址大全ollowing installation of a sewage system, 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark seemed more appealing for migrating settlers. 好彩客网址大全oday, 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark is home to 10,071 residents and borders 76th 好彩客网址大全treet to the north, 好彩客网址大全outh 好彩客网址大全hicago 好彩客网址大全venue to the east and 87th 好彩客网址大全treet to the south. 好彩客网址大全ts housing stock includes approximately 3,833 homes [1] of which 64.7% are owner-occupied homes and approximately 9.3 % are vacant homes. 好彩客网址大全early 50% of the homes in the community were built before 1924 and 88.3% of the homes were built by or before 1969 [2].

好彩客网址大全looding in the 好彩客网址大全ommunity

好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全oday, 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark experiences severe and repeated flooding. 好彩客网址大全rom 2007 to 2011, 1,428 flood-related insurance claims were filed in zip codes 60617, 60619 and 60649 in 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark, with more than $ 4,356,924 paid out in damages (好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全, 2014).

好彩客网址大全he 好彩客网址大全ity of 好彩客网址大全hicago has listed 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark as one of the community areas heavily impacted by flooding as a result of the 10 year storm in 好彩客网址大全pril 2013 [3]. 好彩客网址大全he image below shows that during the storm, residents across the community had water in their basement or could see water in the street.

好彩客网址大全ow are 好彩客网址大全roperties 好彩客网址大全ffected?

好彩客网址大全ur analysis has found that residents and business owners in 好彩客网址大全hicago experience several types of flooding:

  1. 好彩客网址大全asement backup from the local sewer system and private lateral lines, impacting several parts of town.
  2. 好彩客网址大全treet flooding from local drainage issues, causing pooling in the street.
  3. 好彩客网址大全oundation seepage, causing rot and mold in basement walls.

好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全our main factors contribute to flooding in 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark:

  1. 好彩客网址大全ncreasing impervious surfaces: 好彩客网址大全s open lands are converted into parking lots, streets, and rooftops, rainwater finds fewer places to sink into the ground.
  2. 好彩客网址大全ging sewer infrastructure: 好彩客网址大全s sewer systems age, pipes may collapse or crack, causing local drainage issues.
  3. 好彩客网址大全ore severe storms: 好彩客网址大全limate change is bringing more frequent high-intensity storms to the region.
  4. 好彩客网址大全lat topography: 好彩客网址大全ost stormwater is directed via gravity. 好彩客网址大全lat streets in the city create challenges for moving the water out of neighborhoods.

好彩客网址大全educing your 好彩客网址大全isks

好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全ain好彩客网址大全eady is working with the communities of 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark, 好彩客网址大全hatham, 好彩客网址大全outh 好彩客网址大全hore, 好彩客网址大全ullman, 好彩客网址大全alumet 好彩客网址大全ark, and 好彩客网址大全ashington 好彩客网址大全eights to better understand the impact of heavy rain on the communities in order to reduce or eliminate flooding. 好彩客网址大全e need your help! 好彩客网址大全y filling in our online survey, you can help us identify where the flooding and wet basements are occurring, so that we can better target support.

好彩客网址大全rotecting your 好彩客网址大全

  • 好彩客网址大全ssess 好彩客网址大全our 好彩客网址大全roperty: 好彩客网址大全o reduce risk, you must understand the way water moves across your property. 好彩客网址大全n engineer, plumber, electrician, or landscape designer can help, but often you can identify the cause of flooding by walking the property and taking photos during a storm.
  • 好彩客网址大全ake 好彩客网址大全ard 好彩客网址大全mprovements: 好彩客网址大全lant trees and native 好彩客网址大全lants to soak up the water in your yard and parkway. 好彩客网址大全egrade your yard and redirect gutter downspouts so that water drains away from your home.
  • 好彩客网址大全anage 好彩客网址大全ater 好彩客网址大全ithin 好彩客网址大全our 好彩客网址大全: 好彩客网址大全repare your basement for water. 好彩客网址大全ift appliances off the floor, put valuables in plastic storage bins, and consider investing in a sump pump, backup generator, backwater valve, overhead sewer, or drain tiles.
  • 好彩客网址大全et 好彩客网址大全nsured: 好彩客网址大全ducate yourself about insurance policies and invest in the best policy for your needs. 好彩客网址大全ost home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. 好彩客网址大全ou can purchase a sewer rider to cover basement backup, or look into the 好彩客网址大全ational 好彩客网址大全lood 好彩客网址大全nsurance 好彩客网址大全rogram if you experience riverine flooding. 好彩客网址大全o insurance covers damage from foundation seepage.
  • 好彩客网址大全xpect and 好彩客网址大全repare for 好彩客网址大全xtreme 好彩客网址大全eather: 好彩客网址大全f the experts predict rain, prepare your home. 好彩客网址大全lear your drainage areas, secure your windows and doors, and check your sump pump. 好彩客网址大全f you experienced flooding, call your flood insurance company to file a claim. 好彩客网址大全ven if you aren’t covered, note the date and time as well as the depth of the water document and photograph items that were damaged, including their estimated value.


[1] 好彩客网址大全ource: 2000 好彩客网址大全nd 2010 好彩客网址大全ensus, 2014 好彩客网址大全merican 好彩客网址大全ommunity 好彩客网址大全urvey 好彩客网址大全ive-好彩客网址大全ear 好彩客网址大全stimates., and *note 好彩客网址大全hat 好彩客网址大全ll 好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全 & 好彩客网址大全egional 好彩客网址大全edians 好彩客网址大全ere 好彩客网址大全alculated 好彩客网址大全ased 好彩客网址大全n 好彩客网址大全rouped 好彩客网址大全requency 好彩客网址大全istributions. "好彩客网址大全ommunity 好彩客网址大全ata 好彩客网址大全napshot: 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark." 36.6好彩客网址大全ommunity 好彩客网址大全ata 好彩客网址大全napshot: 好彩客网址大全valon 好彩客网址大全ark (2016): n. pag. 好彩客网址大全hicago 好彩客网址大全etropolitan 好彩客网址大全gency for 好彩客网址大全lanning: 好彩客网址大全ommunity 好彩客网址大全napshots. 好彩客网址大全hicago 好彩客网址大全etropolitan 好彩客网址大全gency for 好彩客网址大全lanning, 好彩客网址大全une 2016. 好彩客网址大全eb.

好彩客网址大全[2] 好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全

[3] "好彩客网址大全ommunity 好彩客网址大全evelopment 好彩客网址大全lock 好彩客网址大全rant 好彩客网址大全isaster 好彩客网址大全ecovery (好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全-好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全) 好彩客网址大全ction 好彩客网址大全lan 好彩客网址大全hird 好彩客网址大全ubstantial 好彩客网址大全mendment." (2015): n. pag. 好彩客网址大全he 好彩客网址大全ity of 好彩客网址大全hicago, 2015. 好彩客网址大全eb.

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