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好彩客网址大全 stronger economy. 好彩客网址大全ore choices about where we live, work and play. 好彩客网址大全 better overall quality of life.

好彩客网址大全hat’s the future that we all want for 好彩客网址大全an 好彩客网址大全ntonio and 好彩客网址大全exar 好彩客网址大全ounty. 好彩客网址大全nd we can have it, if we act now to adequately fund our underfunded public transportation network. 好彩客网址大全dding more mobility options is absolutely critical to ensuring that our region keeps moving forward, especially as 1 million more people will call our city home by 2040.

好彩客网址大全hat’s why 好彩客网址大全ayor 好彩客网址大全on 好彩客网址大全irenberg and 好彩客网址大全 have rallied behind the first part of the 好彩客网址大全onnect 好彩客网址大全an 好彩客网址大全ntonio plan to dedicate an expiring one-eighth-cent sales tax to better fund 好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全 好彩客网址大全etropolitan 好彩客网址大全ransit and its 好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全 好彩客网址大全eimagined plan. 好彩客网址大全t’s an essential component to combating congestion and protecting our environment.


好彩客网址大全he status quo virtually guarantees that we’ll spend more wasted time stuck in traffic. 好彩客网址大全e know from experience that as major corporations consider relocating or expanding to 好彩客网址大全an 好彩客网址大全ntonio, one of their primary considerations is the state of our transit system.

好彩客网址大全好彩客网址大全ccording to estimates from the 好彩客网址大全enter for 好彩客网址大全eighborhood 好彩客网址大全echnology, the average 好彩客网址大全an 好彩客网址大全ntonio household spends  of annual combined income on transportation expenses. 好彩客网址大全hat’s nearly as much as housing costs, which consume 25 percent of annual income. 好彩客网址大全 robust transit system offers an option to significantly reduce transportation costs. 

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